Dear Facebook…

Friday May 6, 2016 »

Dear Facebook,

We have come to Facebook HQ in London today to remove your office view as you have violated the Kurdish Community’s Standards on freedom of expression, justice and human rights.

Your punishment will be a brief obstruction of the impressive view you must have from the 6-8 floors of Facebook HQ, 10 Brock St with the beautiful colors of the Kurdish people, red, yellow and green.


You will not be able to see this view for approx. 90 secs. Normal viewing will resume after your punishment time is over. Please do not repeat your violation of freedom of expression. Please refer to the UN Charter on Human Rights to learn what kind of censorship violates a persons right to free speech.

For many years now, as is widely reported, it is obvious to all that Facebook is working as an arm of the Turkish state suppressing the Kurdish people’s right to free expression so Facebook can access the internet market of Turkey.

This despite a very serious human rights situation existing for the Kurdish people in Turkey. A situation that remains unreported in the media as Turkey seeks to misinform and misrepresent the Kurds voice.

Facebook are aiding the Turkish state to criminalise the Kurds as they face daily racist repression, jail and destruction of their cities by the Turkish military. As Kurdish MPs face jail on ‘trumped up’ charges, Kurdish people are daily having content on their Facebook pages, that the Turkish state find objectionable removed. This has happened to Kurdish political parties, Kurdish News Agencies, local Kurdish community media and Kurdish and pro Kurdish activists as well as private individuals, not only in Turkey but around the world.


We would like it to stop. This violates all interpretations of human decency and freedom of expression and exposes Facebook’s hypocrisy in saying it is committed to the free expression on the internet for all. Stop censoring Kurds and allow free expression.

Thank you!

The Kurdish Worldwide Community.